Friday, September 30, 2016

This Is My Valley... My Golden Valley

Welcome to My Golden Valley - a blog created to help build community for those who live, work and play in the city of Golden Valley, Minnesota.

As a long-time resident of  Golden Valley, I've often wondered how the city got it's name. Recently, I came across an article in an old newsletter from the Golden Valley Historical Society that told the story and I thought it was the perfect way to introduce My Golden Valley to the world!
One of the first families that moved into the area was the Varner family. In 1854 William Varner and his wife and sons, two year old Lonie and year-old Clark, left their home in Ohio and made the trip to St. Anthony Falls. Leaving his wife and sons in town, William took a hatchet and a rifle and headed West to find a home site.
He skirted lakes, slogged through swamps and marshes, climbed hills, and finally came to the foot of a hill so high that he thought it was a mountain. He climbed the hill and looking down he could see the whole valley lush and green and dotted with golden daffodils. In the distance he could see a lake shining in the sunlight and he said, 
"This is my valley, my Golden Valley. This will be my home and the home of my children."  
The spot on which Varner stood is now the Golden Valley Golf and Country Club with the clubhouse standing on a hill that was much higher before it was whittled down by nature and man. Varner brought his wife and sons to the site, built a log cabin, and homesteaded the land. 

Source: Golden Valley Historical Society